About Us

Blooming Hill Farm, a haven of floral blooms nestled on two acres in Belmont, Michigan, began in 2021. Its founder, Taylor Arraut, brought her floral aspirations to life, starting with a handful of seedlings in her apartment in the winter of 2020. Her labor of love, or maybe just Taylor's obsession, resulted in over a thousand dahlia tubers and 1500 ranunculus corms planted in her first growing season. Blooming Hill Farm has continued to blossom ever since.

Taylor Arraut: The Heart of the Farm

After a decade of working in finance and law, decided to pursue her passion for flowers. The farm gave her a chance to spend quality time with her family, especially her mother, while bringing her flower passion to fruition.


Meiko: The Keeper of the Farm

The farm's lush fields are guarded by Meiko, a 33-pound dog, who keeps watch over the garden and ensures the pollinators thrive while keeping the rodents and deer at bay. Together, Taylor and Meiko tend to Blooming Hill Farm, a place where nature's beauty blooms in all its glory.